FAQs > Buying Ethereum with EtherXATM

How do I buy Ethereum?

Before purchasing ethereum through EtherXATM you will need your own ethereum wallet. This is where you can store, and send your ethereum to other ethereum addresses. If you do not have a ethereum wallet yet, we have some suggestions here.


Step 1. Find a Store

Use the EtherXATM store locator, or our mobile app to find a store near you.


Step 2. Select a store and follow the instructions

Once you select a store there will be specific instructions on how to purchase from the store. Some stores you must generate an order ID/code first, using your ethereum address, then give that and cash to the cashier.

Other stores you will be able to purchase prepaid PINs using cash. The PINs can then be redeemed on our website or in our app, also using your ethereum address.


Step 3. Receive Ethereum

Once you follow the instructions for the store and make your payment the ethereum is sent instantly to the ethereum address you provided.